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Albrecht Bastmeyer from the Netherlands says:

Today i have been playing: It really is fantastic how your valet works for me!!

Deanna Rice says:


Juli Cuic from Washington says:

I love it! Had a band practice last night and used the valet. Wow...what a relief! I'm off to wintergrass bluegrass festival this weekend. really should have a booth!! (I would love to have a booth- one of these days maybe I will :)- Billy

Leanna Chamish of Baltimore says:

Hi, Billy! Here are some pictures of me using the violin valet at my concert. I have never felt more comfortable at a concert. Thank you!

Here is a new pic that Leanna sent:

Colin Brind, a music teacher from the UK who teaches violin, brass and piano says:

Just received my Violin Valet and after three years of hardly being able to play due to neck problem (instability, not pain) I have been playing again. The neck problem has ceased to be an issue and I can play with freedom once more, including shifting easily and using vibrato. Well done for creating a usable and easy product that solves these kind of issues without the need for expensive braces and metalwork. Many thanks - a truly life changing product.

Patrick Costello of says:

Billy, The package arrived yesterday. What an amazing product! I have been playing my fiddle almost nonstop!

Patrick is an excellent banjo player and well known banjo teacher who is learning to play the fiddle which was not possible before getting his new violin valet. You can check him out at

Sandra in Massachusetts says:

I used the Valet this past weekend while playing for hours and hours and hours. In addition to my shoulder and neck feeling so much less stressed, which was the result I was hoping for, I love the way that it makes it easy to keep the fiddle in a consistent position - something I have always had difficulty doing - which made for improved tone. This was a bit of an unexpected - and much appreciated! - benefit.

Ian Renshaw violinist for Mee says:

Well, what can I say? I've fitted your excellent device to my violin and it's magical. I wish I'd had it years ago - also... why doesn't every violinist use one!?

Philip Heyman. Principal Viola at Welsh National Opera has a Viola Valet and he says:

It is VERY comfortable.

Kathleen from Galveston says:

My husband and I both bought a violin valet a few months ago. He has been playing for a few years and I am just a beginner. Your product has made a tremendous difference for both of us. We both have neck trouble and I couldn't practice for more than 10 minutes straight. Now I can practice for long periods without the pain and so can he. We love the violin valets and are glad we bought them

Dan from Massachusetts says:

Hi William,I wanted to let you know that I did receive the red & gold violin valet and am very impressed with the way it performs! I'm 61 years old & have played violin(fiddle) professionally for 40 years in various bands as well as session studio work. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my neck which causes severe chronic pain and playing my violin had become very difficult if not impossible.I could only play for short periods and it was a painful ordeal.It was heartbreaking for me to think of giving up something that I loved so much and had given me such joy over the years plus a living.The valet has given me hope that I can play again and keep the pain relatively in check.I'ts a great invention and I wanted to thank you personally for inventing it.

Sincerely, Dan.

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