Violin Valet(8K)

Just what is Violin Valet?

Violin Valet- a revolutionary new way to support your instrument while giving your neck a rest. Help avoid injuries, pain and strain!

The Violin Valet consists of two parts- a harness on the instrument itself designed to securely hold the instrument and weights that go over the shoulder.

Violin Valet was developed to hold the instrument securely while being comfortable and not damaging the instrument. Notice in the pictures that there is nothing screwed down that could damage the wood if too tight or slip off because it was not tight enough. Also there is no harness to be worn by the musician. The weights come on and off the instrument/harness quickly and easily for storage.

We do recommend using a shoulder support on the instrument. Our experience is that with a good shoulder support the Violin Valet holds the instrument high and very close to the usual position where one would hold it with one's chin. The instrument harness is designed to hold the instrument at just the right angle when a shoulder support is used.

The instrument harness is designed to be easy to put on or take off of the instrument, we recommend leaving it on however for ease of use. It actually goes around the violin itself eliminating the need for a chin rest, although one may be used and/or left on the instrument also. Some people have told us that they use it at home but not for performance. The harness has a soft rubber sleeve at most contact points to reduce any possible marring of finish.

The weights have padded tethers for additional comfort and are optimized to avoid more weight than needed on the shoulders/neck and the whole device is fairly small and lightweight and should fit in most violin cases.

Violin support system, Violin harness, fiddle support system, fiddle harness, Violin neck pain reliever- no matter what you call it the Violin Valet is new and unique!

Violin Valet is finely crafted in the USA by happy workers. We all hope this device will be helpful for everyone who purchases it.
Sing, Play, Violin Valet!

*The use of a shoulder support/rest is recommended with this product.

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Front View
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